September 2018 - France
19 & 20 || Brest, Bretagne
21|| Pays de la Loire

3 days dedicated to developing the floating wind turbine industry

Speakers' presentations

Talks and technical workshops

Learn all about the latest technology developments and lessons learned: roundtable discussions on the global outlook for the development of floating wind power, presentation of French projects, detailed reviews of international projects, talks dealing with current obstacles to the growth of FWP.

B2B meetings

Make new contacts and develop strategic partnerships with French and international players in floating wind power during networking times and business meetings organised by Enterprise Europe Network.

Pays de la Loire technical visits

Find out about everything leading Pays de la Loire stakeholders have to offer to this emerging sector through visits organised to several key sites. An opportunity for an immersion experience in local industry!

FWP Atlantic Forum 2018 key figures

countries represented

Institutional partners